"Markus is the next Hans Zimmer, James Horner, or Ramin Djawadi.  His ability to create immersive, cinematic soundscapes will throw you into a new world.  I think it's only a matter of time before someone in Hollywood picks him up to compose movie or TV soundtracks."

– Kirk Bergman, on 'Andromeda', ImprovePhotography.com

"There's just this knot of excitement in my stomach. Jesus, this is good music! I don't know how you haven't been drug off to work for the video game industry."

– ObeyBunny, on 'We Roam the Stars', Youtube

"I can't even express how much this music "speaks" to me, I'm just sitting on my ass in awe and enjoying this masterpiece."

– Innil, on 'Wanderlust', Youtube

"This track is so damn amazing. Getting chills over and over from the 3 minute mark on... wow. Just wow!"

– Allmächtiger Büchsenschuh, on 'Even Death May Die', Youtube

"This song could very well be the main theme from The Expanse. It gives a feeling of wonder and awe, makes you curious what's out there, while still having this sad undertone that no matter our technological development, we're still just humans fighting our usual battles that bring us nowhere. Just like in the Expanse."

– P'Pen Mu'Dera', on 'We Roam the Stars', Youtube

"The Universe needed this! Fantastic! NASA needs to burn another record to send to space. =]"

– Alexandre Palazzo, on 'We Roam the Stars', Youtube

"Hey man, just found your stuff. I absolutely adore it. Bought this album and Andromeda almost immediately. Incredible."

– AliasEra, on 'Fable', Youtube

"Out of all the music on YouTube, this is currently my favorite song. It's really incredible"

– Michael Soareverix, on 'Always Tell Me the Odds', Youtube

"Just lounging around and listening... I was impressed. It felt grand, but subtle. It was similar to Two Steps From Hell, but it was not so blatant in its attempt to inspire us with awe. Thank you for this wonderful piece of music."

– Atritus Animus, on 'Even Death May Die', Youtube

"This reminds me a bit of Audiomachine, but I may like it even better. Great stuff."

– Josh A, on 'We Roam the Stars', Youtube

"This whole album is amazing. I found my new playlist to listen to while I read Lovecraft's stories, thank you very much. I'll spread the word as much I can."

– Tempest 99999, on 'Even Death May Die', Youtube

"Loving the stuff. I'm a huge sucker for Eldritch horror, and I feel that you have captured the essence of it very well, while still being epic and hauntingly beautiful. Very well done! Subscribed, and Will be looking out for your stuff in the future!"

– Tim Berland, on 'Even Death May Die', Youtube

"When I listen to this, I imagine the history and future of humanity. From the first tools, the first farms, the first cities. Each step being a leap forward, but each time looking back for a moment and realizing that the progress cannot be undone. Ever forward, ever greater, and yet ever more artificial, ever farther from where we once called home. Yet we touch the stars, are we not gods to our ancestors? Is it wrong to miss mortality? Brilliant work."

– Jason Mey, on 'We Roam the Stars', Youtube