ᛚᛉ is Nordic Alternative music. Hailing from Finland, ᛚᛉ combines rock, pop, electronic, folk, and classical music to a melancholic framework that is often described as 'Cinematic'.


"What's the name of the band? Is it  ᛚᛉ or MY?"

- Both. In the ᛚᛉ symbol we bring two runes together to describe their governing aspects that can be found in all of  ᛚᛉ's music.

Laguz governs unconsciousness, imagination, dreams, and mastery of emotion. Algiz governs protection and defence. They both play a prominent part in our lives, and ᛚᛉ explores the push and pull between the two; the endless fight between living with what's inside of you, and how to protect it while strengthening yourself and finding your own voice. This music explores MY  ᛚᛉ, if you catch my drift. They mirror each other. Both interpretations are valid, both equally important. A wordplay between modern English and Elder Futhark.


ᛚᛉ (MY) started as a project for Markus Junnikkala to experiment with sound and music. In his early days of writing, short melodies and chord structures started to take form, and after a while shards of songs started to emerge. It became clear quite quickly that this work was his way of expressing his innermost, direct emotions, and that this process had already in its inception always intended to emerge as a sonic incarnation of those feelings. ᛚᛉ was born, or rather given a name, and the first album as a project went underway.

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Fog of War

"War is an area of uncertainty; three quarters of the things on which all action in War is based are lying in a fog of uncertainty to a greater or lesser extent. The first thing needed here is a fine, piercing mind, to feel out the truth with the measure of its judgement"
- Carl von Clausewitz



We all live our lives in a Fog of War, but it is a different war. One we are not often aware of fighting. One that uses our mind as the battlefield, never resting, not even in our sleep. A war beyond our field of vision. A war within ourselves.

When you leave the room, there is no way of truly knowing what happens after you depart. Your mind begins to dance with the possibilities, your thoughts begin to wander. We use our observations and deduction skills to build an image of what's happening when we're not there. But sometimes our observations are off, biased, deformed, and we end up making the wrong choices. The depths of the minds of others are not so easily ascertained, and often we find that our trust in our instincts was misplaced. We operated in a fog without sufficient data, and made the wrong calls. Your perception is the only true reality you will ever experience, but sometimes you wish your reality was different.


Our entire lives are built on the collection of this information, where you have been the one scouting, devising the battle plan, and fighting in the front lines. There are no winners in war, and even if we cannot always choose our own battles, we have to keep moving and come out the other end standing. Sadly, most of the time the enemy lies only within ourselves.

ᛚᛉ's debut album 'Fog of War' is now available on all digital outlets.