knowledge.  perspective.  skill.

You can hire me as the music producer for your project. I'm happy to assume any position that your project requires, and will help you figure out what that means if you're unsure. This can range from full music production to just producing parts of your song, such as drums, synths, keyboards, orchestration, or vocals. Please note that I only produce music that I enjoy and know I can bring value and quality to. I'm unable to work on a single note of music unless I believe in it. If you think I'd like your music, send me a message and we'll figure it out.

I've played in several bands (drums, singing, keyboards), sang in a choir for 9 years, worked solo, collaborated, studied music tech and composition (counterpoint is heavy shit). What drives me to do all of this is music's power to express my thoughts and emotions. I have yet to find a way to do this in words or any other medium. I don't work on music based on genres, which is why my background ranges between pop/metal/electronic/orchestral/rock/ambient. There is something good and interesting in all of them, which is why instead I choose to work on music that is authentic, deep, and touches me emotionally and viscerally.

My approach to producing music is holistic and artistic. You need both the compositional side as well as the technology side to be able to truly understand and execute the vision the artist has. That needs to be combined with the ability to artistically see the desired purpose and passion that drives the artist's vision. It's your music. And my job is to make sure we get as close to its goals as possible. I have an extensive arsenal of tools and technology at my disposal, and the skill to use it. Let's get to work.