knowledge.  perspective.  skill.

You can hire me as the music producer for your project. I'm happy to assume any position that your project requires, and will help you figure out what that means if you're unsure. This can range from full music production to just producing parts of your song, such as drums, synths, keyboards, orchestration, or vocals.

I don't work on music based on genres. Great music is great music, it transcends genre boundaries. I choose to work on music that is authentic, deep, and touches me cerebrally and viscerally, whether that's pop, rock, electronic, orchestral, metal, or ambient. True creativity does not discriminate.

You need both music theory as well as the technological knowledge to truly bring the artist's or band's vision to life. It's your music. My job is to make sure we get as close to its perfect form as possible. I have an extensive arsenal of tools and technology at my disposal, and the skill to use it. Let's get to work.

Pricing for the music production services is determined by a number of factors, so always contact me directly to get your personalized quote. Please provide me with the following information: Project budget, number of tracks, full instrumentation, style/genre, artist/band name and links to existing material/demos, etc.