Balanced.  Brawny.  Bespoke.

The mix will make or break your music. No matter how great the song is, if it doesn't translate properly sonically to the listener, it won't have the desired effect and therefore they won't enjoy it. A great mix has balance, power, and paints an appropriately beautiful soundscape for your track.

Mixing is an art form. My job isn't only to make your recordings sound lush and polished, it's also to understand what your music is trying to achieve. Contextually understanding the music itself is of the highest importance, a necessity most mixing engineers do not understand. I focus on why you make your music and do my very best to create a sonic counterpart for that.


As a part of my dedication to help indie artists get great mixes for an affordable price, I offer an up to 50% discount for non-signed artists and bands. Standard mixing rate is 300e per song (VAT 0%), so if you're an indie act your mixing rate per song can be 150e (VAT 0%). I reserve all rights to determine your eligibility as well as the discount rate (10% - 50%), but generally speaking unsigned acts that are in the process of building their career and presence can expect to receive some sort of a discount.

Payment happens in two instalments. First instalment is two thirds (2/3) of the total sum and is paid upfront. Last one third (1/3) is paid when mixes are approved after which you will receive the final mix files. Please note that I make no exceptions to this policy as it is the only way for me to ensure that I can book you in. Never hesitate to contact me prior to a project to ask questions and make sure we're on the same page.

How does it work?

1) Get in touch with me
Describe your project, how many tracks you have, what you're aiming for,

and a link to the material or an older release of yours. Feel free to add references.

2) Let's get to work!
After the details of the work are confirmed,
you can send the files over and pay the first instalment. I get to work.
I accept payments via Paypal and IBAN bank transfer.

3) I include 3 revisions;
First version of the mix, one revision of the first version, and then the final mix itself.
Additional revisions are 50e per track.

4) Done!
Your mix is complete and upon final payment you'll receive the final mix files.
Simple as that.

Perfect your music.

All great mixes need to be professionally mastered.

Get your mix mastered by me and ensure top quality polish

in a way that is already familiarised and attuned to your music.

Take advantage of the additional discount I offer when combining the

mixing and mastering packages and enjoy a 10% discount to the total sum.