The Final Touch.

Mastering brings balance, clarity, impact, and volume to your mixes. No great mix is ready without it; it's the last polish that brings it all together and makes the music ready for the market. I use the best of modern hybrid audio processing technology accompanied by skill, perspective and artistry to make you track complete.

As with everything I do, it all starts with the artistry behind your music. No music can sound perfect unless you understand the driving forces behind its creator and what it's meant to evoke in the listener. My strength lies in my ability to see the end point with clarity and utilise the latest technology and techniques to link that vision with the audio itself. More balance, more clarity, more impact, and most importantly, more emotion.


Mastering is 50e per track for digital stereo mastering (VAT 0%).

Get a 10% discount on the total sum when you buy mixing and mastering as a bundle.

I do not currently offer mastering services for vinyl or surround sound formats.