All of my existing catalogue is available for non-exclusive licensing.
Licensing always starts by  contacting me directly with the details,
and all projects will be assessed on an individual basis.
All illegal and unauthorized use of music will be claimed and/or followed with legal action.
You can find some examples below on what you can license music for.

Personal Use

Allows you to use the music in your personal home videos. Does not include monetization.


Allows you to use the music in your Youtube video. Includes monetization. Does not cover livestreaming or projects that are published on multiple platforms (even if it's on Youtube too).

Social Media

Want to use the same video that has my music on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube? This license allows the use of a track in the same video on multiple platforms.

Student Film

I want to help film students use epic music in their work. This license allows you to use a track in a video related to your studies, such as your degree work. Valid student ID / proof of student status is required.

Indie Film

A license for non commercial independent films.

Crowdfunding Campaign

A license for you to use one track in one video on one site. If you're raising money on multiple sites, you need to purchase a separate license for each.


Need a beautiful intro /outro / transitional track for your Podcast? This license grants you the use of a track for a podcast.

Campaign Trailer

Have a campaign related video for something like a book launch or a video to promote the creator? This license allows you to use a track for your campaign flexibly.


Business Website Video

This license is available to small businesses who need epic music for a website video.

How Does It Work?



find the track(s) you want to license.




send an email to markus AT thefirstwavefront DOT com with:


- your full name

                            - track(s) you want to license

                          - license type (for what use)



You'll receive:

                                                       - instructions for payment (PayPal or IBAN bank transfer)

- download links to your track(s)

What's  included

What are you paying for?

You are paying for a license that allows you to synchronize your audio-visual image to my audio track only and specifically for the purpose specified by the type of license.

Do you need a license even if you bought the music on iTunes or Bandcamp?

Yes. You will always need to purchase an appropriate license if you wish to synchronize your audio-visual image to my music.

Do you need a license for every separate new project?

Yes. Each license purchased for a track is specific to the project you bought it for, in the way specified by the license type.

Do you own the music when you license it?

No. You do not own the music you license with us. You purchase a license that allows you to synchronize our music to your audio-visual image in the way specified by the type of license you buy. I own all of the copyrights as well as the sound recording of every track that's available for licensing.

How do you get the music?

Once you've decided the track(s) you want to license, send us an email with your details as well as the license type you wish to buy and we will send you the files along with your invoice and instructions for payment.

What if the music I license gets flagged on Youtube?

Click the dispute button and enter your invoice and license number in the field. Once we receive this info we can resolve the claim and you can use the music as stated in your license.