Dead Reckoning is a pirate-themed Epic Orchestral album.

Epic / Cinematic / Orchestral / Fantasy / Pirates / Instrumental

Eldritch reveals the Cosmic Horror that lies beyond our limited perception of reality in full-blown orchestral form.

Dark / Horror / Orchestral / Ambient / Cinematic / Instrumental

Andromeda is a sci-fi inspired album that bends electronic soundscapes over an orchestra, taking you on an epic journey to a neighbouring spiral galaxy.

Orchestral / Sci-fi/ Epic / Space / Cinematic / Electronic / Instrumental

Fable is an epic orchestral fantasy album telling the story of a Wanderer's journey through a magical, unfamiliar land.

Orchestral / Fantasy / Epic / Folk / Cinematic / Instrumental

1 > 0 explores entrepreneurship and its challenges through the use of ambient indie rock guitars, instrumental hip hop beats, and an orchestral string section.

Indie / Ambient / Orchestral / Hip Hop / Cinematic / Instrumental

Dark Ambient music with ghostly soundscapes and minimal, solitary melodies. Perfect for horror and contemplative, empty atmospheres.

Dark Ambient / Ambient / Sound Design / Horror / Cinematic / Instrumental