Let's  figure  it  out.

Sometimes it's difficult to determine what your music needs on your own. If you're unsure of what your project is missing, or you just need a different angle on everything, I provide a free 20-minute consultation for new clients, or alternatively a short email exchange for free, no strings attached.  It does not require you to conduct further business with me. Briefly describe the nature of your project so I can get an idea of how to help you and give you the most value in those 20 minutes. Tell me what you need consultation on (songwriting, production) and what you wish to get out of our chat.


We can chat via email or on pretty much any platform that suits you best.


I reserve all rights to define the final length and nature (content/substance/depth) of the free consultations as well as the rights to determine your eligibility for the free service. This is in order to weed out those who try to abuse and exploit the service.

Please be realistic and concise about what you wish to get out of our short chat. The better you define your needs, the more I can help you out.

Consultation is an advisory service where I help you with your songwriting and music production issues. I share my thoughts and perspectives on the quality of your songwriting as well as the productional quality and effectiveness of your track. Based on these observations I suggest possible practical changes that you can apply or take into consideration.

Practicality is hugely important for me, and I always focus on giving you specific, hands-on advice that you can start implementing right away, or alternatively we can start working together to improve the songwriting or the production of the song.


While my focus isn't on career planning, I do share my discoveries and insight into these issues if this is of interest to you. In music, it's all connected, so it's a good idea to have a holistic view of the industry. You can also check out my #BeABetterArtist series, which aims to empower artists and bands to be better in their craft.

Further consultation is  89 euros per hour.  Please notice that this includes a lot of preparation work prior to our chat (such as listening to your material, analysis, planning, customising according to your needs). If you wish to book for a longer consultation session straight away, we can add the 20 minute 'free bonus time' for you if you are a new client. Send me a message and let's get to work, there's great music to be made!