I was born in Northern Finland. Solitude and melancholy run in my veins. As a youngling, I wasn't fond of the darkness and coldness of the outside, and it supercharger my already strong introversion, pushing me to explore the deep depths of my psyche through imagination, analysis, and creativity. (Today, I love the North!)

Growing up, I was a lone wolf (more like a bear today), never quite belonging. I've never shaken this sense of displacement, and largely deem it attributable to the seemingly infinite stream of curiosity and openness that my DNA provides. Being an outsider drove me to become proficient at reading people, understanding what they wanted and why. I'm obsessed by pattern recognition, reverse-engineering, and deciphering meaning.

I believe music models meaning. Words can be difficult, but music makes complete sense to me as a language. When I'm composing, for that brief moment, it's all I need. I feel complete. And I'm grateful for having a transcendent component like that in my life. I don't find genres to be terribly relevant when describing the music I enjoy, and mostly I'm moved by sensations of narrative, meaning, and unique tonal and sonic languages.

I've always been drawn to big ideas, trying to find the deepest, biggest, and most meaningful expressions in all things. Growing up, I explored and expressed my imagination largely through Legos and video games. I grew to view the world as a place of great potential and possibility. I was curious to see how one could unite the realms of imagination and creativity with reality.

In 2011 I finally accepted music as my destiny, and moved to London to study Music Technology and Music Composition at the London College of Music. I graduated in 2014 with a First-class Honours, and decided to move back to Finland to pursue my musical entrepreneurial ambitions. I'm still on that same path today.

Finding and accepting my own path, as well as becoming proficient at it, has not been easy. I'm entrepreneurial and creative to the bone, and people like that have one hell of a time figuring out how to implement those in the real world in a constructive way, especially if they're unwilling to sacrifice their creative vision and integrity, as well as moral values. I'm grateful that music has been an unstoppable force that crept slowly and inevitably into my life, and refuses to let go. It has been my anchor through the dark as well as the light.

Growing up, the Internet's importance and the opportunity it provides has been blatantly obvious to me. I've always viewed the world through that lens. As I started to pursue my entrepreneurial aspirations, I started studying the world of digital marketing and branding, because I knew that was where I would build the connection to my listeners. This area is a professional speciality of mine.

I've had tremendous difficulty trying to acclimate myself as an artists in the real world. And I know that millions of artists suffer with the same problem. When I was younger, I never thought that I'd want to teach. But as I've fought my own demons and grown as a result of it, my desire to share what I've learned keeps burning brighter and brighter. This is why I created the Be A Better Artist Podcast, which empowers musicians and artist to forge their own path in music.

To date, I've released six albums under my own name, and quite a few more under others. Most of the time I work with orchestral music and combine it with another element like sci-fi, fantasy, electronic, rock, or ambient. I also do projects as a singer, songwriter, producer, and mixing engineer. In addition to the Be A Better Artist Podcast, my ambition is to write a large catalogue of significant music that deeply touches people who share my sense of aesthetics and sensitivity to emotion and narrative.

That's the story so far! But enough about me. I crave for genuine, authentic, and meaningful connection with likeminded individuals, so please get in contact with me if anything that I do resonates with you, and you'd like to either chat about it, or work together. I'll be waiting!