Purpose.   perspective.   Power.

I cross genre boundaries mercilessly to deliver epic, cinematic and beautifully melodic scores that not only sound huge, but feel that way too. Elaborately minimalistic with maximalist production, my style lends itself well to big, deep, bigger-than-life, dynamic mediums such as games and movies.

For original custom commission work for your project, don't hesitate to contact me.

Head over to the license page if you wish to license music from my existing catalogue.


In addition to commissioned work, music from my existing catalogue has been

licensed for commercials, popular video series on Youtube, as well as Vlogs.


Growing up in the cold dark North has undoubtedly shaped my mental landscapes which is present in the music I write. When the outside is dark and cold, there's time to look inwards. You ascertain the inner workings of your mind. And there is much to be discovered there.

I've always struggled to express my feelings through words. Music has given me a language to do that in. When I write music, for that brief moment, it's all I need. I feel complete. And I can't ask for anything more than that. Most of the time I write orchestral music with elements from various genres, such as electronic, rock, and folk.

I like big ideas. Growing up I explored my imagination through a ton of Legos and video games. I grew to view the world as a place of great potential, and that your imagination could become a reality if you had the courage, discipline, and perspective to pursue it. With ambition comes the responsibility to act on it and see it through.

I graduated from London College of Music in 2014 with a First-class Honours in Composition and Music Technology. Today I dedicate my time to writing music as well as trying my very best to help artists realize their potential and execute on it. I want to leave behind a legacy of significant music that truly touches and helps people, as well as help artists face their fears and fight their demons as I have.