Purpose.   perspective.   Power.

I cross genre boundaries mercilessly to deliver epic, cinematic and beautifully melodic scores that not only sound huge, but feel that way too. Elaborately minimalistic with maximalist production, my style lends itself well to big, deep, bigger-than-life, dynamic mediums such as games and movies. I'm obsessed with accessibility, and firmly believe that complex compositional ideas can be expressed in ways that easily touch souls without losing intellectual value.

If you wish to license my music for your projects, please send me a message with details. I only provide non-exclusive licenses for existing songs, and only in very rare occasions provide licenses for free. For original custom commission work, don't hesitate to contact me.

To purchase my music head over to Bandcamp by clicking the logo below. All purchases directly support me to write more new awesome music. Also available on most digital distribution platforms and streaming services such as iTunes and Spotify.